506th Airborne Infantry

Regiment Association

2007 Scholarship recipients

Callie Richardson

The 506th Association Scholarship Committee selected Callie Richardson from Layfette, IN, as the winner of the $500 College Scholarship for 2007. Callie recently graduated from Lafayette Jefferson High School and will be a freshman at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, in the fall of 2007. Callie's father, Dale Richardson, served with 1st Platoon, C Company, 1st Battalion, 506 Infantry, September 1967-January 1969.

The following letter is from Callie:

June 14, 2007

Dear 506th Association Scholarship Committee,

Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner of the 2007 scholarship! This truly was a surprise. When I opened the letter you had sent, my first thought was that it would tell me that my application was greatly appreciated. Instead, it was to tell me that I had won the scholarship. I was completely overjoyed and called my parents immediately to let them know of the news. A large weight has been lifted off of my shoulders knowing that part of my college fees will be paid for thanks to your generosity.

A requirement for acceptance of this scholarship award is to send a photograph of myself. I have included a photograph of my father and I because without his contribution to our country, I would not have been able to apply for this award.

Once again, thank you for your generosity and for choosing me as the winner of this scholarship! Your contribution will help me in my future goals of success and helping others.


Callie Richardson

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