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There are 1,437 Troopers listed in this history of Currahees Killed in Action. If you know we are missing a fellow Currahee please send us the information and we will make the addition immediately.

Each section contains the names listed in alphabetical order. You may also search for individuals with the lists. We have also provide links to individual Personal Remembrance pages. If a Troopers Company is not known but the Battalion is know the individual is carried as a member of Headquarters Company.

The 506th Infantry was deployed to Iraq in August 2004. The casualty list for Currahees for the War on Terror will be listed in alphabetic order. We will attempt to keep the list as up to date as possible while using as much discretion as possible to insure accurate information.

Friends, relatives and fellow Currahees identify individual Troopers in the Personal Remembrance pages.

A Currahee who was declared dead while listed as Missing In Action and his body has since been recovered is identified by a POW MIA Body Recovered POW-MIA flag next to his name under the status column. A Currahee identified with a Pow MIA Body Not Recoverd signifies his body has not yet been recovered. All known POW-MIA's are listed.

Note: We are still working on this section. Last Roll Call contains the names of Currahees who have died after service with the 506th Infantry. If you know a Currahee who has died send the information to any of the page maintainers listed on the bottom of any page.

We have only died in vain if you believe so;
You must decide the wisdom of our choice
By the world that you shall build upon our headstones

And the everlasting truths which have your voice.

Currahee Scrapbook, 1945

Robert L. Acklen, Founder of the Association

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Body has not been recovered


Medal of Honor


Distinguished Service Cross


Some died, others did not, but everyone of them showed uncommon valor, read the stories of Currahees who have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

We receive information on former Currahees who have been killed in action in the War on Terror. We will try to keep a listing of those Currahees who have died while serving with other units. If you know of a former Currahee who has been killed in action please notify Mike Bookser.

Currahees who have been awarded the Medal of Honor:

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Currahees Killed in WWII

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Currahees Killed in Vietnam

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Last Roll Call

This list contains the names of brave men who served and fought for their country and others in foreign lands. In training, in service or in combat each is a Currahee.

"From this day to the ending of the World, ...we in it shall be remembered...we band of brothers" Henry V William Shakespeare.

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Currahees Killed in Iraq

2nd Infantry Division Deployment 2004 - 2005

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101st Airborne Division Deployment 2005-2006

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Currahees Killed in Afghanistan

War on Terror Operation Enduring Freedom
4th Brigade Combat Team
101st Airborne Division

Currahees have served and died in Afganistan during three deployments

Deployment 2008-2009

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Deployment 2010-2011

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Deployment 2013-14

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