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2nd lt. sam h. galloway


2nd Lt. Sam H. Galloway


The President of the United States of America authorized by Act of Congress, July 25,1963, has awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (posthumously) to



for extraordinary heroism in action.

Second Lieutenant Sam H. Galloway, Infantry, distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous acts on 31 January 1968 while leading the First Platoon, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division on a search and destroy mission in the village of Dong Loch. Bien Hoa Province, Republic of Vietnam. Intelligence had indicated that a large. well-equipped enemy force had established heavily fortified positions in and around the village of Dong Loch, dangerously threatening the United States Forces complex at Bien Hoa. Lieutenant Galloway's company was moving on line to sweep through the village when the First Platoon, the lead element of the friendly force, was subjected to intense, raking small arms and automatic weapons fire from the village. Lieutenant Galloway immediately brought his platoon on line and commenced returning fire. He personally exposed himself to the withering fusillade to direct his men, marking targets with a rocket launcher and with machine-gun fire. As the battle raged, several men in the platoon were hit and unable to protect themselves. Lieutenant Galloway moved forward and about the battlefield, disregarding personal danger, pulling and carrying wounded men to positions of relative safety, treating those who required immediate life-saving attention. While evacuating these threatened comrades Lieutenant Galloway himself was wounded but refused evacuation, remaining with his men. As the battle grew in intensity, the field commander directed a limited withdrawal to permit the delivery of an airstrike on the enemy. Lieutenant Galloway, with total disregard for his own safety moved from position to position alerting his men to the order. As the men pulled back, two were wounded by the accelerating rate of enemy fire. Lieutenant Galloway stayed with them, encouraging their movement to safety and personally providing protective fire and acting as a covering shield for the wounded men. It was during this selfless act, manifesting the greatest degree of loyalty for his men and extraordinary gallantry in close combat with the enemy, that Lieutenant Galloway was struck down. Lieutenant Galloway's exceptional display of gallantry and devotion to duty, at the cost of his life, were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and United States Army.

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