506th Airborne Infantry

Regiment Association


Membership Is Open To The Following:

All those who have served or are serving in the 506th, including the following:

  • 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment - World War II 1942 / 1945
  • 506th Infantry (Basic Training) (Camp Breckinridge, KY – 1948 / 1953 & Fort Jackson, SC – 1954 / 1956)
  • 1st Airborne Battle Group, 506th Infantry (Fort Campbell, KY -1956 / 1964)
  • 506th Airborne Infantry (Fort Campbell, KY – 1964 / 1967)
  • 506th Airborne Infantry /Airmobile (Vietnam– 1967 / 1971)
  • 506th Infantry (Airmobile / Air Assault) (Fort Campbell, KY – 1972 / 1984)
  • 506th Infantry (Air Assault) (Republic of Korea – 1987 / 2004)
  • 506th Infantry (Air Assault) (Republic of Iraq – 2004 / 2005)
  • 4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th Infantry Regiment (Currahee) -2004 - 2014

Individuals who have served or are serving in units attached to or supporting the 506th.
Spouses or other family members of any individual who served in the 506th.
Individuals who have a special connection or association with the 506th.

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